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Delivery Methods

The majority of your training is ‘workplace based’. This allows us to deliver hands on training that specifically targets the requirements of your job role whilst contributing towards productivity.

It is our aim that you meet and exceed industry requirements.

Example; if one of your chosen competencies is AHCMOM202 Operate Tractors.

“There are many makes, models, weight, capacity and variations of tractor. Some are for small acreages, slashing grass, whilst others big articulated machines that tow 20 metre air seeder units. We will endeavour to equip you with the knowledge and skills to operate as many as practical.”

The overall objective of Training by ‘Eastough’s Ag Training’ is to enhance the work capability of all students by assisting them to improve job related skills & underpinning knowledge in workplace related tasks.

Assisting you to develop and work through training.

Assisting you to gain job pathways.

Therefore, our preferred method of training delivery is face to face, IE, Discussion, demonstration and structured practice. This is supplemented with workplace documentation and varying learning resources. You may also be required to complete a project or build a portfolio. 

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