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TLIC3010 – Pilot or Escort Oversized and/or Over Massed Loads

Course Overview

This is a training course for those engaged in driving operation job roles within the transport and logistics industry, or those aspiring to such roles.

It involves a defined range of skilled operations, within a range of broader related activities involving known routines, methods and procedures, with some discretion and judgement in selecting equipment, services or contingency measures and within known time constraints.

These units are aimed at learners wanting the skills and knowledge to handle situations where a pilot vehicle is required. The units cover the following skills and knowledge:

  • Carry out an inspection of a commercial vehicle in accordance with relevant workplace procedures.

  • Undertake pilot or escort activities in the movement of oversized and/or overmassed loads.

  • Use pilot and escort communications equipment and resources, in accordance with relevant state/territory roads and traffic authority licence/permit requirements and regulations.

  • Coordinate breakdowns and emergencies when driving or monitoring a commercial vehicle on a transport network, in accordance with relevant licensing requirements and regulations.

  • control traffic in the vicinity of an oversized vehicle

  • Perform work with limited or minimum supervision, and with varying levels of duty of care for self and others in achieving the prescribed outcomes.


This training course is delivered in a face to face format that is tailored to suit learner requirements and to supply the agricultural industry with the best Heavy vehicle Pilots in Australia.

This training course provides learners with the basic skills and knowledge essential to become a successful Heavy Vehicle Pilot Operator. A person undertaking this role will acquire a broad range of skills in Pilot vehicle set up, use of two-way communication and the powers of a Pilot.

Course duration is dependent on student skills and prior knowledge, but usually takes 2 to 3 days until completion.

Pre-Requisites: The pre-requisites are, that learners must be over 18, have a full C class drivers’ licence and not be on your P plates. The learner must also be able to pass a commercial driver medical.

Learners that participate in this course should be able to speak clear English and read road signs. Learners will be required to complete 5 units from the TLI - Transport and Logistics Training Package

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